Relay Procedures

Relay teams are decided by the Committee. The Committee delegates this responsibility to an elected Sub Committee (Race Committee) in all instances. The Race Committee will determine the most current competitive relay for any available competition.

The Race Committee may use varying forms of criteria, such as:
     • Current seasonal times
     • Last season’s times
     • “In form” swimmers

The Race committee will consist of 3 members; they are the External Race Secretary, Internal Race Secretary and the Club Coach.
It is the club preference to have the most relay teams entered.
It is the club preference to have the most competitive teams entered.
A relay team will consist of four (4) swimmers and preferably one (1) reserve swimmer.
The Race Committee will display selections for the upcoming relays approx. 1 week from competition day and it will also be emailed to all Club Members. If a swimmer is unavailable to fulfil their commitment to the Relay team they are required to discuss this matter as soon as possible with the race committee.
Any questions regarding the Relay Policy or the Relay Team once posted should speak only with our Club President.

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