Committee Members 2018-19

Office Bearers 
President – Phillip Carter 
Vice President – Shawn Simpson
Secretary – Rebecca Cook 
Treasurer – Darren Hooton 
Registrar – Mandy Daley & Theresa Perry 

Committee Positions
Internal Race Secretary – Michael Cox
External Race Secretary – Anne-Marie Moubarak 
Property Officers – Nicola Watson & Rebecca Cook
Webmaster – Phillip Carter 
Social Secretary – Shawn Simpson
Sponsorship/Fundraising Officer - Chantelle McCarthy
Publicity Officers - Diane Dimech-O'connell & Cheryl Dale

Appointed Delegates
MSW Delegates – Shawn Simpson & Darren Hooton 
MASCA Delegates – Anne Marie Moubarak,  Shawn Simpson & Cheryl Dale
Wests Sports Council Delegates - Phillip Carter, Shawn Simpson, Rebecca Cook, Darren Hooton, Mandy Daley,
Michael Cox, Anne Marie Moubarak, Chantelle McCarthy & Cheryl Dale

If you have any questions or require help during the swimming season please approach any of the above committee members who will be glad to help.