Club Night Program for 2021-22



You can view and download the 2021-2022 club night program here.

Club Night Procedures

  • Club Night is held on Friday nights at YMCA Mount Annan Leisure Centre as per that season’s program.
  • On arrival at the YMCA Mount Annan Leisure centre, please follow the YMCA entry rules.
  • Competition starts at 7:00pm SHARP.
  • Swimming competitors should arrive between 6:30pm - 7:00pm.
  • Swimming competitors should demonstrate appropriate behaviour to all club volunteers and organisers by being polite, courteous, and responsive to instructions.
  • Swimming competitors should follow directions and promptly report to the marshalling area.
  • Parents of swimming competitors under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult and supervise their child for the duration of Club Night.
  • Supervision of swimmers remains the responsibility of parents.
  • Swimming competitors should be supportive and encouraging toward all swimmers.
  • Swimming competitors should strive to give their personal best.
  • Parents of swimmers are expected to help with Club Night duties, including timekeeping and assisting with setting up and packing up at the end of each event.
  • The Club and Club Nights are run completely by volunteers.

Club Competition


During the swimming season, swimmers will be able to compete in a range of competitions within the Friday evening program of the club. Points are awarded, based on personal achievements and improvements, as well as a Club Championship Carnival for all swimmers.


To be eligible for awards within the various competitions, swimmers must complete:

  • At least 50% of available Club Nights, at the time of becoming a first claim financial member.
  • A minimum of 2 of the available swims per Club Night, new members must complete a minimum of 12 Club Nights, with a minimum of 2 of the available swims per Club Night.
  • Swimmers can only compete in one of the 25m, 50m or 100m distances per stroke (point score swims) per Club Night.


Swimmers not meeting the above criteria may compete at Club Championships but will not be eligible for Club Champion.

Weekly Non-Point Score Events

For our Juniors, 7 years and under swimmers we hold 12m events for kick and freestyle. These events are non-competitive (no points will be calculated) and all swimmers who participate in a min of 12 Club Nights will receive our 'Junior Achiever' trophy at the end of the swimming year. Junior swimmers when ready may also progress to 25m swims and participate in the point score program.

Note: Swimmer’s swimming in Junior events cannot swim longer events on the same Club Night.

Weekly Point Score Competition

Club Night Point Score Swims (Session A and Session B)
The weekly point score competition allows all swimmers of various levels of experience and ability to compete on an equal playing field. Points are awarded for each swim according to the swimmer’s own ability, achieving points by consistent attendance and improvement over the season. The swimmer’s points accumulate over the season with the highest point scorer in each classification winning the point score competition for the season. A swimmer’s age will be determined by their age as of 1st of October (the first day of the year). Swimmers will be graded into four classifications for this competition according to age.

  • 6 years and under = Splashers
  • 7 – 9 years = Juniors
  • 10 – 12 years = Intermediate
  • 13 years and over = Seniors


Points will be awarded for the swims in Session A and Session B on Club Nights.

Points will be awarded to the swimmer for their improvement in times as follows:

  • Starting and completing any stroke or distance 1 point
  • First swim attempt at a given distance for any stroke 2 points
  • Swimming 0.51 –2.00 seconds outside of their best time for a stroke and distance 3 points
  • Swimming within 0.50 seconds either side of best time 6 points
  • Swimming 0.51 –2.00 seconds inside their best time for a stroke and distance 9 points
  • Swimming better than 2.01 seconds inside of best time 12 points

For further details and details about Club Championships please refer to the clubs ALMANAC.


If you have any questions about Club Night please contact Leanne Knox our Internal Race Secretary (



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